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Terry Politis
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On-Set Supervisor | Cgi Producer | Motion Graphics

Welcome to my professional portfolio. Explore my website to witness captivating clips of my work, gain insights into the projects I've contributed to, and delve into my background and creative inspirations. I take great pride in showcasing my extensive professional experience, and I value your feedback. Feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries or potential collaboration opportunities for your upcoming projects. Let's bring imagination to life together.



For over two decades, I have immersed myself in the realms of film, broadcast, and advertising, honing my skills as a motion graphic design professional. My unwavering dedication to this craft is evident in my ability to seamlessly blend strategic thinking, creative conception, and design expertise. With a profound understanding of motion graphics, technology, and user experience, I am adept at transforming visions from mere ideas to polished executions.

Throughout my career, I have consistently excelled in transforming complex concepts and content into captivating experiences that effectively convey messages. My proficiency in nurturing client relationships has allowed me to adeptly present and communicate conceptual ideas and intricate solutions. As a respected leader and mentor, I have guided and inspired junior team members, harnessing their talents to maximize project success both efficiently and effectively. Additionally, I possess extensive knowledge of emerging trends, ensuring my work remains at the forefront of innovation.

Having successfully coordinated both small and large teams of CG professionals, I am well-versed in orchestrating collaborative efforts for optimal outcomes. My creative excellence has been recognized within the film, broadcast, and advertising industries, further solidifying my reputation as a distinguished professional in this field.


Get in touch to learn more about my work and professional career, or to suggest a new project.

Los Angeles, California
Phone 310 500-6529

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