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Terry Politis VFX Artist

VFX Artist | On-Set Supervisor | Cgi Producer | Colorist

Welcome to my website. Here you can watch clips of my work, learn about the projects I’ve worked on, find out more about my background and what inspires me. I’m super excited to showcase my professional experience, and would appreciate your feedback. Contact me with any questions or if you’d like to collaborate on a project.

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All Categories


Compositing Reel 2018

Nissan Kicks VFX Breakdown

Producer Reel 2017

Showreel | 2017

MBC 2017 Eagle Ident

Suzuki Connect



The Bar Method - Sustainable & Effective

IKEA Mattress TVC

Konami G2E Video Wall


San Manuel Asian Gaming

Nestlu00e9 Boss BEYOND TVC 30

Westfield - Get Party Ready

Westfield - Bubbles

Westfield - Tug o War

Westfield - Dont Sweat The Holidays

Westfield - Take a Joy Ride

Westfield - Dashing To The Show

Westfield - Holiday Sweet Spot

4Point4 A Historic Journey

Gazprom TVC

Burger King - Delivered by Grubhub

Burger King Hot Chicken

Burger King - Cheesy Bacon Chicken

Burger King - Buttery King

Burger King - Chicken Cordon Bleu

Burger King Pretzel Bun

Burger King - Mozzarella King

Burger King Jr. - Aquaman - 2018

Burger King - Detective Pikachu

Burger King Rabbids

Tim Hortons - Oreo Iced Capp Supreme

Tim Hortons - 2 for 4

Tim Hortons - 3.29 Hoagies

Tim Hortons - Macchiato

Arrowhead Testimonials

Meineke Oil



Motion graphic design professional with over 20 years of film, broadcast & advertising experience.
Proven ability to combine strategic thinking, creative conception and design with a deep understanding
of motion graphics, technology, and user experience allowing the vision to be carried from idea to execution.
Continued success turning complex ideas and content into sophisticated and entertaining experiences that clearly 
communicate the message.Considerable experience in client relationships, effectively 
presenting and communicating conceptual ideas and complex solutions.
Respected leader and mentor to junior team members, utilizing resources in the ways that benefit projects 
effectively and efficiently.Significant knowledge of emerging trends.
Experience coordinating small and large teams of CG professionals.
Recognized creative excellence in film, broadcast, and advertising industries.


Get in touch to learn more about my work and professional career, or to suggest a new project.

Los Angeles, California
Phone 310 500-6529

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